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Instructor: Brandon Miller
Focus Areas: Percussion
Instruments: Percussion ($21/30 minutes)
Locations: Golden Mile
Description: Brandon graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with his Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in music. He grew up east of Pittsburgh and graduated from Kiski Area School District. From his time in the ensembles at IUP and Kiski Area, Brandon has become a well rounded musician and an expert percussionist.
Lessons are based on learning the fundamentals of musicianship through percussion. We will work on reading music and the technique involved in playing percussion, at the appropriate level for each student. Brandon has experience in many types of ensembles including percussion ensemble, concert band, marching band and jazz band both in high school and college. Learning different forms of percussion and different styles will help to become not just a percussionist, but a musician. Available lesson areas: general percussion (bells and snare drum), drum set, marching percussion.

  • Act 33 Clearance
  • Act 34 Clearance
  • FBI fingerprint data
    Instructor: Richy Muckle
    Focus Areas: Percussion
    Instruments: Percussion ($21.50/30 minutes)
    Locations: Bridgeville
    Description: Richy has been actively performing on both the national and local Pittsburgh music scenes for the past 38 years. He began his studies at the early age of 8 and began performing at 12. Richy’s work has included concerts, clubs dates, studio sessions, shows, private lessons and the worship band at his church. He is also a veteran clinician at the annual Duquesne University Guitar and Bass Workshop and he feels quite blessed for having all of these opportunities! As a teacher, Richy believes in stressing good rudimental drumming to his students, using the basic rudiments as a foundation to build from. Although jazz is his preference, Richy is a strong advocate of versatility and learning to read music. "A good, solid drummer should be able to play any and all styles and read too!"
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    Instructor: Ryan Kantner
    Focus Areas: Guitar, Percussion
    Instruments: Percussion, Bass Guitar ($20/30 minutes)
    Locations: Gibsonia
    Description: Ryan Kantner is a professional musician and teacher in the greater Pittsburgh area, who has been actively studying and performing music for over twenty years. Ryan teaches and performs on a variety of instruments, but mainly specializes in guitar (electric and acoustic), bass (electric 4-5-6 string fretted and fretless, and upright), and percussion (snare drum, drum set, mallets and auxilliary instruments.) Ryan has performed in many different styles and genres over the years, some of which include: Symphonic bands, rock bands, bluegrass bands, wind ensembles, orchestras, stage bands for almost 20 musicals, indoor drum lines, handbell choirs, jazz bands, and many more.

    With an emphasis on versatility over virtuosity, Ryan seeks to impart his students with musical skills and values that are useful in real-life applications. One of Ryan’s main goals with all students is to equip them with the tools they need to share their musical gifts with the outside world. To this end, students are taught how to practice with a purpose, and how to view practicing and problem solving as a means of accomplishing goals that might seem impossible at first. While placing a strong emphasis on the basics and fundamentals of music, such as technique, music theory, note reading, ear training, etc, Ryan also tries to include a lot of thinking outside the box mentality, including improvisation, focused listening, creative problem solving, and not being afraid to bend or break rules and make mistakes in the pursuit of musical excellence. Ultimately, Ryan teaches with the fundamental belief that true musical growth and accomplishments can only come from students asking and being asked the right questions, and not just from being given the right answers.

    Ryan is a 2007 graduate of West Chester University, where he studied percussion, upright bass, and literature. Though fairly successful in those three endeavors, making it through all of Pride and Prejudice remains a goal he is still hoping to achieve some day. He is currently teaching private lessons and playing gigs in various rock bands and open minded musical groups.

  • Act 33 Clearance
  • Act 34 Clearance
  • FBI fingerprint data

    *Act 33/34 Clearance Teacher* This means that the teacher has received Act 33/34 Clearances from the State of Pennsylvania. Act 33/34 Clearances are designed to ensure that people who work with children have a record clear of child abuse and crime. All schools in Pennsylvania require that teachers and school staff have Act 33/34 Clearances. In June of 2005, Johnstonbaugh’s Music Centers implemented a policy that all new teachers are required to have Act 33/34 Clearances.

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